Burn Into Me
He’s got the money. 
She won’t be bought.

~ Elle ~
One word describes her: tough. Fending for herself since she was sixteen, she is a college student who lives in one of the roughest parts of Harlem. She is also a political activist who is devoted to her cause: the battle against capitalism. 

~ Ryder ~ 
He is the ultimate capitalist: a Wall Street fund manager who makes money by managing other people’s money. An adrenaline junkie through and through, he works hard and plays hard. Relationships and commitment don’t fit into his fast and furious lifestyle.

They both live in Manhattan, only nine miles apart, and the worlds they live in couldn’t be more different. But the instant, burning attraction they feel for one another when they have a chance meeting at a motorbike drag race, makes their worlds collide. Feelings or not, there is no way in hell Elle will ever get involved with a guy, especially not with one as cocky, hot, and gorgeous as Ryder. 

But what will she do when he offers her a challenge that will change her life?

Interracial (Asian-Caucasian) new adult full-length standalone novel (88,000 words) told from two perspectives, with a Happily Ever After. 18+ due to mature language and adult situations.

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They were supposed to have a romantic holiday… until they were violently torn apart.

Against all odds, they’re finally together: Ryder, the billionaire Wall Street tycoon and Elle, the tattooed student activist from the rough parts of Harlem. They had a rocky start—the clash of their two worlds almost pulled them apart. But they’re determined to make their relationship work. An idyllic holiday to Asia seemed like the perfect chance to spend time together and overcome their differences. 

How wrong they were.

What started as a relaxing getaway, soon turns into their worst nightmare. A nightmare that sees them ripped apart, changing their lives forever.

Is their love strong enough to bring them back together?

Set in the exotic backdrop of Hong Kong and south China, Burn For You is a wild, thrilling, sexy ride that will keep you glued on the edge of your seat until the very end. It is a full-length HEA interracial (Asian-Caucasian) romantic suspense novel (94,000 words) told from two perspectives. 18+ due to mature language and adult situations. 

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Every woman’s fantasy come true…

Yes, he was scorching hot—I couldn’t deny that. But who knew he’d lead me straight to hell?

Before I met him, I was driven. Ambitious. Relentless.
Eighty-hour work weeks were my norm.
I did everything to reach my goal.
To be the youngest partner in an accounting firm.
To be rich, successful and powerful.
Nothing could stand in my way to reach the top.
No one could shatter my life-long dream. 
Especially not a man.
Until my sister gifted me a spa treatment.
“Relax,” she said. “You work too hard.”
But visiting that place was a huge mistake.
Because I didn’t count on meeting him. 
Hot. Dark. Gorgeous.
And the owner of the spa.
At least, that’s what I thought it was.
It started with a beauty treatment.
But for me, it ended in disaster:
Stripped of my clothes, my career, my dignity.
That one visit shattered everything I ever believed in.

Full-length stand-alone interracial/multicultural (Asian-African American) romantic suspense novel with a nail-biting finish to the Happily Ever After. 18+: contains mature language and adult scenes. 

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Sun, sand and a hot foreigner… the perfect ingredients to fall in love. But what happens when you return to everyday life? 

That is what the three women in Hot Summer Flings find out. They travel to exotic places and experience a whirlwind vacation romance. It is only when they wash away their sunscreen and take off their sunglasses that they discover who their gorgeous foreign men really are. 

Jessica’s Cruise Fling 
Jessica is stuck in her boring job at a call center. Until her sister offers her a cruise to the Caribbean and she falls for a hot Latino artist. Are his feelings mutual or is he merely out to take advantage?

Kate’s Movie Fling 
Kate is an actress who is filming her latest movie in Fiji. When she overhears her co-star make a bet to get her in bed with him, she plans to take revenge. But will it taste as sweet as she expects? 

Becky’s Surf Fling 
Becky and hunky Australian surfer Luke spend a wild and steamy one-nighter together. They part ways, only to meet again much later when Becky discovers that Luke is the one man she can never have. 

Get ready to read these multicultural romantic stories in Hot Summer Flings! 18+ due to mature language and adult situations. Three stories (total of 34,000 words).